Avoid RansomWare

With the growing risk of RansomWare encrypting all of the data on a PC making the recovery increasingly unlikely here are a few steps to make sure that every PC is kept safe.


Never ever skip updates. It is common these days not to install an update becasue it takes too much time or out of simple laziness however, those updates are intended to keep a PC safe and secure. Just because a particular update may add features that are unsavery is not a reason to prevent the update and render a PC insecure.

If it looks fishy, it probably is.

All the time people receive email messages that state they are from a bank or a shipping company that has a problem and all that is needed is to click a link to resolve all the problems. However, it is VERY important to check who the email is really coming from.

Backup Everything.

This particular step is one that is Very commonly ignored. With the growing ability to just upload a document to OneDrive or Google Drive or any number of other online storehouses it is a wonder how many people do not backup any of their important data. These days most cell phones will auto upload the images online so that they are already backed up however, a lot of people forget that data on their computer is not automatically backed up anywhere and that it can be VERY simple to protect this data. If running a Windows 10 PC OneDrive is included and it takes just a few seconds to set it up. Otherwise do a quick search online and any number of other free services can be found to backup the most important data on the PC.


Just because Apple states that their are perfectly protected from Virus' does not mean that it is actually true. Sure they are more protected just because not a lot of virus' exist for them however, they are not foolproof. On the same foot just because Microsoft Includes Anti-Virus with Windows 7 and newer doesnt mean that a PC is fully protected either. There are plenty of free anti-virus products out there that have fantastic results and even a few (Avast) that are at the top of the game even when compared to a Paid product. Make sure that any PC connected to a network has proper Anti-Virus protection. More and more of them are starting to include RansomWare protection.

Just think about it

If something on the internet looks too good to be true it probably is. Don't download free software that normally costs a lot of money. Do not download a movie or stream a movie even though the website says it is legal. Anything on the internet that seams to good to be true is. These are just enterence vectors for virus' and other dangerous programs that could leak data on a PC or more tragically infect it with a RandomWare or other Virus.