Securing your home network (Best Practices)

Personal Computing Devices This applies to all Desktops, Laptops, Smart Phones, and Tablets you might have connected to your network at home. Most information you will »

Another year come and gone!

Welcome to 2015 everyone, I suppose you have probably seen a lot of news pots and other hints that we are once again beginning a new »

Brother in-law's new blog

Check out my Brother in-law's new blog "From Cog to Cognition" He has yet to start posting on it, However it might »

PSN and X Box Networks down over Holiday Week

As many of you have noticed by now the popular gaming networks PlayStation Network and XBox Networks were being DDOS attacked last week. This prevented many »

Plex is Back in Action!!

After a bit of time waiting on parts I finally have my Second hard drive securely installed in my computer. With this I now have a »

Renewed Domain Names!!

Greetings all, Today I renewed all of my domain names. Also I thought it would be a good time to just let everyone know about my »

Destiny® PlayStation®4 Bundle (Glacier White)

Happy Anniversary to My wife and I. (November 1st, 2008) I have been saving for a Playstation 4 since the day it was announced. When I »

Windows 10 Technical Preview Releases Today

The Technical Preview for Microsoft's latest version of Windows will be released today. The Updated Operating System was announced Yesterday (September 30th, 2014) If you are »

Official: Mojang sold to Microsoft for $2.5 Billion (yes with a B)

Today it was officially announced that Microsoft would be purchasing Minecraft developer Mojang AB for $2.5 Billion. While not a lot of information has been »

[Review] John Scalzi - Lock In

Lock In by John Scalzi is a different approach than his normal books. Rather than being about Space Soldiers, Human Sheep Hybrids, Small fuzzy aliens, or »