All Moved In!

Last Saturday we moved into our new home. One of my Brother in-laws has moved in with us and we are getting settled in. Much larger home and much nicer neighborhood. I am looking forward to staying in this one for a while and not having to move every year.

Windows 8.1.1 Update

Windows 8.1 Update 1 About

I have installed the Windows 8.1 Update 1 that was mistakenly posted to some people via Windows update late last week. I think the point of this update was to further tweak and make Windows 8.1 accessible to people that do not have a touch screen device and who are still using a traditional keyboard and mouse to operate their computer. However, my findings on the matter are a bit different.

There are a few things that by default are set nicely now such as logging in directly to the Desktop rather than to the start screen. This is a nice touch and very helpful for those who are not running the tablet version of the OS (Operating System) who just want to jump into what they have going on with the task bar shortcuts or icons on their desktop. There are a few other minor tweaks that I did not even notice that others had, I will leave those without saying for now.

As for overall major changes. To be completely honest I do not notice much change at all. They have added a title bar on Metro apps so you can more easily close them. This only applies if you actually use these apps which I rarly do. They have also changed the design of a few context menus and added a shutdown button to the upper right corner of the start screen. Not sure why this is needed being that this button is always available from the charm bar no matter where you are in the OS.

Overall I think that this Update is droll and un needed. Not much going on here and it did not really solve any real issues with the OS

That being said I have said from the beginning that Windows 8 and 8.1 are completely usable on a Desktop or non touch screen laptop without any issues at all. It takes a few days to get used to and then its just back to business as usual.

Moving Again!

And its that time again. Our lease agreement with our current land lord ended just a few days ago. We will be sticking it out month to month for a month and a half more and then we are gone. On May 10th we will be able to move into our new apartment. We are going from a small 1 (one) Bedroom Loft apartment, into a larger 3 (three) Bedroom, 1 (one) full and 2 (two) half bath Apartment. It has a full basement, Living Room, Family room, and dining area. Dish Washer is fantstic addon as well as having upgraded cabinets and other features to the apartment. My Brother In-Law will be moving in with us to help with the cost and to get him out of his Father's house. Just wanted to put an update out there. (not that anyone reads this anyway. Updated

Microsoft has released an update to their Web based office applications changing the name from Office Web Apps simply to Office Online.

Other than the name change there have also been some changes to make accessing the Office Online applications easier.

Get started with Office Online at

The same great apps are available with a few new feautures for co-authoring and collaboration in mind. Just a nice simple update to make getting around Office Online a bit easier.


Valentines Day

14 February 2014

Hey Here we are again and its another year of love and romance and explosions.... wait explosions. Yep That is how it works!

Boom Baby Boom!

[USA] PS+ February Update!

Its that time once again here is the preview for the February PS+ Instant Game collection.

PS+ February Preview


  • Outlast


  • Metro Last Day
  • PayDay 2
  • Remember Me


  • Mod Nation Racers: Roadtrip
  • Street Fighter X Tekken

Video Preview